Organs are beautiful to behold and just listening
to a recording of it will never be the same as being there, looking up at that magnificent work of organ-builder's art. The organ's soundboard is the building itself, whether a small village church or a great cathedral, and the visual beauty of its interior and the ambiance can add greatly to the enjoyment
of the listening experience.
So, short of actually
being there, I hope that this website will allow you a satisfying aural and visual "armchair" visit
to some of Europe's finest organs.
However, the sounds of these organs can only be fully appreciated with very good computer speakers or, better still, good quality headphones.  Enjoy!
Henry Tabbers
Salt Spring Island, BC, Canada
NOTE: At this point 150 DUTCH, FRENCH, GERMAN, SWISS, BRITISH and FINNISH organs have been added. More to come.