Église Saint-Eustache
Paris, France
Jan L. van den Heuvel, 1989
L'église Saint-Eustache is a Gothic building decorated with Renaissance details. The building of the current church began in 1532 and ended in 1637. The church's left tower at the main façade was done in Renaissance style, while the right tower is a short stump. The front and rear sides of the church display a contrast between the classical front and rear, bringing together Gothic forms with Classical details. During the French Revolution, the church was sacked and for some time even used as a barn. After the Revolution, it was restored and still features several Rubens's paintings.

The church's organ is, with 8000 pipes, considered to be one of the largest pipe organ in France. This instrument was originally constructed by Ducroquet and later modified under Joseph Bonnet. Having to face the disastrous results of repair works initiated in 1978, the City of Paris decided, in 1985, to organize an European competition in order to have the organ rebuilt. The "Commision des Orgues" awarded the contract to the Dutch  organ builder Jan L. van den Heuvel, under the direction of Jean Guillou. The organ is completely new, except the case with its display pipes and a few stops which were re-used, amongst them the Cor de Basset 8' made by the famous English organ builder Henry Willis for Joseph Bonnet - organist of Saint Eustache from 1906 to 1943. The organ at St. Eustache persuaded the "Societé Académique d'Arts et Lettres" in Paris to bestow their "Médaille de Vermeïl" upon Jan L. van den Heuvel in 1991 for his contribution to the Art of French organ building.
photo Jacques Clément
Jean Guillou plays his own arrangement of Tchaikovsky's  Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy
Maurice Duruflé -  Prelude and Fugue on the
name A.L.A.I.N., Op. 7  -  Jean-Baptiste Robin
photo Pavel Krok
Litanies by Jehan Alain - Jean-Baptiste Robin, organ
Charles Tournemire, Choral-Improvisation on Victimae paschali
photo Dmitry Shakin
Jean-Paul Imbert plays Le Tombeau de Titelouze, op. 38  by Marcel Dupré -  St Eustache, Paris
Xaver Varnus - Improvisation
"In Memoriam Marcel Dupré"
(Toccata on Salve Regina)

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